Huskie Health

Huskie Health is the health care service provider for University of Saskatchewan student-athletes.  Working with the Huskie Health Care Coalition, Huskie Health is responsible for student-athlete pre participation screening, injury prevention, concussion management, injury assessment, treatment, and return to play programming and decision making.  Huskie Health assigns students in the Student Trainer Program to a team for a season mentoring them as they volunteer in a sports medicine environment.  

Please explore “Healthy Huskie” for more information on athlete preseason medical requirements, and athlete health/dental insurance options.

To book an appointment with a physiotherapist in the Huskie Sport Health Centre current Huskie Athletes can CLICK HERE.

Click here for the Huskie PreParticipation Physical Examination form.

Your Huskie Health Team is:

Rhonda Shishkin, Diploma Sport Physio, BSc.PT, BSPE, CAT(c), CAFCI

Adrienne Stinson, Diploma Sport Physio, BSc. PT, BSc.KIN, FDN

Kelsi Christiansen, Certificate Sport Physio, MPT, BSc.Kin

Jaelyse Gorgchuck, Adminstrative Assistant, BSc.KIN

How to Contact Us

87 Campus Drive 
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5B2 
Phone 306-966-1027 
Fax: 306-966-8519